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In this case study, I assisted a solopreneur client in hiring a candidate who was a perfect fit for her business. Through a strategic approach we successfully onboarded the new hire and the client now enjoys the benefits of a well-aligned team member who shares her values, contributes to her business's growth, and delivers an exceptional experience to her clients.

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Client Background:

My client is a solopreneur who is an accomplished author, speaker, facilitator, and coach. With a growing business and a vision to expand her reach, she recognized the need to bring in additional support to help manage her operations and deliver an exceptional experience to her clients. 


She approached me to assist in finding the ideal candidate who shared her values, fit in with her business culture, and possessed the necessary skills to contribute to her success.

Client Goals

Find a candidate who aligned with the client's values and had a passion for her work.

Find someone who possessed the skills and experience required to support the client's diverse range of activities.

Onboard the new hire within one month of posting the job advertisement.

Ensure a smooth transition and welcoming onboarding process for the new hire.

Ultimately, achieve a successful partnership with the newly hired individual.

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My Approach:

My approach involved a strategy to ensure I could find the perfect fit for my client's business needs. I knew that understanding her business inside out was crucial, so we had detailed discussions. These discussions helped me gain valuable insights into her company's objectives, the type of support she required, and the kind of person who would complement her vision.

By taking the time to understand her goals and values, I could tailor the job description to attract the right candidates. I wanted to ensure that not only did the candidates possess the necessary skills and qualifications, but that they also shared a similar passion for the work my client was doing.

My approach also involved analyzing the job market and identifying the platforms where the target audience of potential candidates was most active. This allowed me to strategically post the job ad in places where it would gain maximum exposure and attract a diverse pool of candidates.

During the candidate screening process, I paid close attention to both their qualifications and enthusiasm for the role. It was important to find individuals who not only had the necessary skills but were genuinely passionate about contributing to my client's business. I sought candidates who demonstrated alignment with the client's values and a deep understanding of her work.

This approach aimed to attract the right talent and set the stage for a successful and fulfilling partnership that would contribute to the growth and success of my client's business.

The Process

Discovery and Strategy:

Detailed discussions with this client helped me to understand her business, values, and goals better. I analyzed her current operations and figured out the skills and qualifications needed for the new role. This set a strong foundation for the hiring project.

Job Description and Application Form:

Based on our discussions, we created a job description that reflected the client's unique business. Additionally, I designed an application form that allowed us to collect relevant information and evaluate candidates effectively.

Posting and Candidate Screening:

I identified the best platforms to post the job ad and attract the right potential hires. I reviewed the applications, shortlisting candidates who had the desired qualifications, shared the client's values, and showed enthusiasm for the work.  

Client Collaboration:

 We arranged and facilitated interviews together. This approach allowed us to evaluate candidates together and see if they fit well with the client's vision and business culture.

Hiring and Onboarding:

After a thorough evaluation, we found an outstanding candidate who was a perfect match for the client's business. They shared the same values, had the right skills, and showed a genuine passion for our client's work. We made them an offer, and when they accepted, I helped them get smoothly onboarded and transitioned into their role seamlessly.

Post-Hiring Support:

To ensure the new team member felt welcomed and comfortable, I joined them and my client in the onboarding call. I offered support and guidance during this important time, making sure they understood their role and what was expected of them. I continued to support them through follow-up discussions, helping them integrate successfully into the company.


Quick Hiring: We successfully onboarded the new team member within just one month of posting the job ad, meeting the client's timeline.

Great Fit with the Team: The newly hired person blended perfectly with the client's business culture, sharing the same values and showing real passion for the work.

Smooth Start: With my support and guidance, the onboarding process was welcoming and well-organized, helping the new team member adjust to their role and duties without any issues.

Solid Partnership: Now my client has a reliable and skilled team member who helps manage operations, supports marketing efforts, and provides fantastic experiences to clients. This partnership allows the client to focus on her expertise while expanding her reach and growing her business.

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With a strategic approach and working closely with the client, we found an outstanding new team member who shares her values and matched her business goals.


The smooth onboarding of the new team member has set the stage for a successful partnership. By meeting the client's hiring goals, we have helped her grow her business and ensured its long-term success.

"I've been in management and leadership for over 20 years and when I look back on this process and what Kiara did to get us to hiring this ideal person, it was an experience that was hands down the best hiring, onboarding experience that I had ever had.


Kiara, I'm so grateful to you for helping me get my work and my business to that next level and for welcoming this amazing new team member."

Finka Jerkovic, CEO and Founder of Finka Inc.

Client Love


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